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Our Facilities

Ventura Farms is a state of the art training facility with everything available for training and conditioning our Arabian horses. Located on the facility are a 1/8th mile track, equine swimming pool, treadmill, and horse Eurociser. We also enjoy the benefits of all weather training with a state-of-the-art covered arena and covered round pen.

Ventura Farms is primarily a private facility. Our focus is on training and conditioning the Ventura Farms horses to prepare them to be great horses for new owners. Contact Ventura Farms to see if we have the perfect horse for you!


  • Main Barn - 60 stalls

  • Original Barn (Built 1928) - 16 stalls

  • North barn - 40 stalls

  • Quarter mile track

  • 120' x 240' covered arena

  • 130' x 250' outdoor jumping arena

  • 6 horse Multi - trainer

  • Equine pool

  • Two bullpens

  • Two hot walkers

  • Two treadmills

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